Manuel Lopez Realtor

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Reliable Real Estate Company

Making Real Estate Transactions Less Complicated

Manuel Lopez Realtor is an associate of One Stop Realty, an established real estate firm in Miami, FL. We work with foreign customers who want to buy and sell property in the US.

In addition, we specialize in properties that qualify for obtaining residency and later citizenship in the USA. We take pride in having an excellent legal department that is always ready to serve you.

Take Advantage of Our Industry Knowledge

If you are from Europe, Central America, or South America and you need help looking for properties to purchase in Miami, get in touch with us. With our extensive knowledge of the industry, you can trust we’ll have the information you need on hand even before you ask for it. Our English- and Spanish-speaking representatives are available to answer your inquiries.

Licensed Professionals at Your Service

Whether you are looking for your dream house or buying an investment property, real estate transactions can be complicated and stressful. At Manuel Lopez Realtor, we have a team of licensed professionals who are more than happy to assist you.